世界貿易センタービル・ツインタワーの屋上から見た風景【海外・国内ホテル予約サイト ホテルズドットコム】
Landscape as seen from the roof of the World Trade Center Twin Towers.
shooting date 2000.9.18  kamuynet,inc.

2001.9.11以降  Photos of the World Trade Center site after the 2001.9.11(Next)

Earth Constitution Wish of peace
Story of the distant future But,is might be anear future.
Earth Federation Defense Force(Space Battleship Yamato version)
I tried to space version defeat the enemy in the joint struggle
of the U.S Navy and Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Movie Staff
The US Navy Battleship Missouri, participated as a"Space Battleship Andromeda"
United States, and the United States Army, Navy,Air Force.
US Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team Washington.
Prasident of the United States
Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Were not alone Always, fellow will come to help !
I believe the earth ! of vigor, let's do our best every day !